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This package was developed by Géologique to allow data to be collected electronically and consistently by staff logging in the field. Designed to operate on Apple's iPad platform. The package reqiures an iPad™ and FileMaker's free 'App': Filemaker™ Go.

Data collected is stored in a single database, including photographs, and is able to be emailed directly from the field in Excel or CSV format for easy import into gINT®.


Defect Drafter: For Geotechnical Defect Logging

CEDRIC Suite: For Exploration Logging

Géologique, as its past incarnation, SEDEX Geological, developed a group of programs to assist with coal and mineral exploration. The software allows data to be encoded in the field, entered, checked and translated to English and DXF format. Features are listed below:

Note: All software is available in ZIPPED files that are password locked. You must request the PASSWORD through the CONTACT US Page. By downloading any software from this site, you accept all liability for any loss or damage caused as a result of downloading, installing, or using the software.

0.7 MB

Géologique developed this program to allow the hundreds to thousands of defects recorded in geotechnical boreholes to be drafted almost instantly. The software produces a DXF format file that may be imported into graphics and logging packages.

1.4 Mb

25 Mb






iGloo: Intelligent Geotechnical Logging of Observations


iPad is a Trademark of Apple Inc. gINT is a registered Trademark of Bentley.

USB Flash Drive: USB 2.0 8GB

Géologique can provide software via electronic download or

on bespoke USB 2.0 flash drives.  These may be purchased,

free of software, for $15.00 each + postage.