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iGloo: Intelligent Geotechnical Logging Of Observations


Built on an common database platform, iGloo allows rapid and consistent geotechnical and geological data collection in the field using Apple's iPad tablet system. Data and imagery can be captured quickly, with the raw log data able to be emailed directly from the device to the office for assessment or entry into common graphic log production software such as Strater, gINT or WinLog.

Data Entry:

The simple, yet powerful, front end allows the user to quicker enter data, with real-time calculations presented to them to confirm data accuracy. 

An example of the main data entry screen is provided (Image capture from iPad):

iGloo takes advantage of the iPad's onboard camera, allowing samples, core or features of interest to be photographed and stored inside the database as a JPG format file.


iGloo Logging System

Data Entry Screen



Orders can be placed using the Contact web page (see link below).

There are three licence options for iGloo. The indicative cost per seat is provided below:

Month:                    Monthly Rental of iGloo:     iGloo is locked following completion of the month:      A$  200 + GST

Annual:                  Annual Rental of iGloo:      iGloo is locked following completion of the year:          A$  600 + GST

Five Year:              iGloo is locked 5 years from the date of grant of licence:                                            A$2000 + GST

Payment will be accepted by Cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer only, with the product shipped either electronically or by post following successful clearing of the cheque. Orders shipped by post will be provided on USB Flash or optical media (CD/DVD) and will incur a A$25 handling fee.

For additional information, please go to CONTACT US



iGloo requires FileMaker Go 16, a FREE application from the Apple App Store. The software will operate most effectively on iOS 8 or higher devices.

To fully utilise iGloo, the user will be provided with a Run-Time version of iGloo, which is can be run on a PC or MAC directly from a USB Flash drive, without installation. This is used to access and export imagery stored within iGloo more efficiently. All other data can be extracted from iGloo using the EXPORT function on the iOS device. Images may also be exported in PDF format from an iOS device. The full, non-Run-Time versions of this software can be purchased from many good quality software stores and online at Amazon or Filemaker.


Version 3.6b

Version 3.6a:

Version 3.5b:

Version 3.5a:

Version 3.2g

Version 3.2f

Version Info

iGloo is intuitive, easy to use and saves our company many hours post processing hand written logs. Being able to capture all of the relevant field data digitally and then prepare draft logs quickly and on the fly gives us an edge over our competitors. Civil Consult