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Acid Sulfate Soils

In Queensland, all land in coastal areas lying below 20 m AHD, where disturbance is proposed to below 5 m AHD, is subject to an investigation to determine if acid sulfate soils are present or absent. The majority of these investigations are for residential developments and community infrastructure.

The staff of Géologique have undertaken numerous investigations in Queensland and New South Wales and have a good relationship with the regulatory authorities.

Since 2000, we have been members of the Technical Review Committee, providing advice to the Regulators during the drafting of State Planning Policies and Guidelines.

Landscape Classification (Landzones)

Vegetation management in Queensland relies on a system where the vegetation and landscape are classified as Bioregional Ecosystems.

Géologique have been involved in several projects where the Landzone classification has been queried by the client. In these cases, we were able to provide factual advice as to the characteristics of the soil and rock underlying the site, allowing our clients to make informed decisions about their projects.

Erosion Hazard Assessment

Soils prone to erosion and deflation are common in Australia. An assessment as to the expected soil loss from construction sites is often required during the Environmental Impact Assessment or the preparation of the Construction Management Plan.

Using the accepted Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, made more efficient with our In-house software (Play Dirt), we are able to quickly estimate the relative soil loss from a site. Play Dirt also allows various soil protection scenarios to be completed allowing informed decisions to be made on site.

We have experience in the description of soil profiles in accordance with the Australian Soil Classification (Isbell), in addition to Northcote's earlier system.

Environmental Geology