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Geological Logging

Géologique now specialise in the collection of data for engineering applications. For the past 7 years, our staff have been collecting data from destructive and cored boreholes in accordance with AS1726. Our work around the globe has assisted in our familiarisation with other standards including the Eurocode and British Standards for geotechnical site investigations.

Most our work has focussed on the development or rehabilitation of dams and their associated infrastructure (e.g. tunnels), all of which require high resolution, highly detailed geological logging of the materials recovered.

Géologique has developed a rapid defect drafting (Defect Drafter) package to assist in the assessment of fracturing within the foundation.



We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards throughout the collection, interpretation, and reporting of geological data for engineering applications. Since 2002, our staff have been involved in Expert Panel Review programs, where our work is scrutinised to a high degree to ensure accuracy is achieved and maintained, allowing the engineering to be completed to an equally high standard.

Reports prepared by our staff have been used for the design of major dams and dam upgrade projects in Australia and Oman.


Dam Investigation & Construction Projects

Construction Services

Géologique staff have been involved through the construction phase of dam construction and upgrade projects since 2002, providing As-built data to the engineering team, client, and owner.

Our role in construction can vary, including material resource identification and assessment, foundation mapping, monitoring (groundwater, instrumentation), and reporting.

We are unable to assist in the provision of advice for temporary works.


Note: Our staff may have undertaken some of these projects whilst in the employ of others.

Engineering Geology